Activists demand increased funding for education: A 24-hour vigil has begun in front of the Berlin House of Representatives

On Thursday, the “Schools Must Be Different” movement began a 24-hour vigil in front of the Berlin House of Representatives. The group wants to speak out against education cuts.

“More money for education is our main priority,” stated spokesman Philipp Dehne. For example, he attacked Berlin for barely training a third of the instructors needed.

The red-green-red governing coalition is now negotiating its budget. The education budget will be discussed in the House of Representatives’ education committee on Friday.

People were invited to join the vigil for an hour or two, or to stay the night in front of the state legislature, according to the organizers.

The vigil will be followed by a rally at 3:30 p.m. on Friday. The State Parents’ Committee, the School in Need initiative, and GEW Berlin, among others, have signed an open letter to be delivered to education and budgetary MPs in the House of Representatives.

The undersigned demand, among other things, that a multi-million dollar budget be set aside for multi-professional teams in schools, that the money set aside for school building be actually used, and that new school construction not be postponed. Berlin is in a stronger situation than predicted, according to the new tax projection, said Initiative spokeswoman Dehne. (dpa)

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