Biden does the Defense Production Act to counter

US President Joe Biden has invoked the Defense Production Act to address a shortage of infant formula that has caused panic to millions of parents and caregivers in the United States who rely on formula to feed their children.

And the US news website “Axios” quoted the White House that activating this law would require “suppliers to direct the necessary resources to infant formula manufacturers before any other customer may request it.”

Biden also directed several government agencies to use Defense Department commercial aircraft to transport quantities of infant formula from abroad to the United States.

“Imports of infant formula will serve as a bridge to this mass production, therefore, I am asking you to take all appropriate measures available to get additional safe formula (for infant formula) into the country immediately,” Biden wrote in a letter to the Secretaries of Health and Human Services and the Secretary of Agriculture.

The shortage of infant formula has turned into a full-blown crisis as retailers across the country have reported running out about 40% of their infant formula, due to supply chain issues and recent product recalls.

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