Suspicion: Additional war crimes in the town of Bucha
New Evidence for War Crimes: Exactly three months have passed since Russia invaded Ukraine and launched a bloody war. Today (Friday) the New York Times publishes records from security cameras, which confirm the suspicions of war crimes committed by Russia in the town of Bocha.Documentation received by the American news network shows eight fighters, Ukrainian volunteers, led by Russian soldiers in the city on their way to execution. The New York Times investigation further shows that at first the Russians who came to the town in Ukraine were repulsed by the locals. After a few days the Russians returned with increased forces and began the brutal massacre.

“Documentation from our most recent visual investigation,” tweeted New York Times researcher Ivan Hill. “There is new evidence of war crimes that has come to our attention, including previously unpublished videos. He further added that these videos ‘show how Russian paratroopers executed eight fighters, Ukrainian volunteers, who were captured in Bucha last March.’

Documentation of the difficult battles in the town of Bucha, archive | צילום: AP Photo / Rodrigo Abd

He added that “around 11:00 in the morning, the Russian soldiers found the men and forced them to leave the house where they were staying.” According to him, the Russian soldiers were looking for military tattoos on them and then marched to 144 Jablonska Street, a four-story office building, which they converted into a military base. “‘Go right, dogs,’ a mitzvah was heard on them by one of the soldiers,” Hill wrote.

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