– Farewell to Jean.Paul Belmondo, icon of French cinema. The actor, star of films such as ‘The Clan of Marseilles’ with Claudia Cardinale, was born in 1933. The news of his death was given by his lawyer.

Born in Neuilly sur Seine, just outside Paris, he had Italian blood in his veins. His father was a well.known sculptor, Paolo Raimondo.

⚫ Jean.Paul Belmondo, the Magnificent, died at the age of 88

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The film debut took place in 1956 with the short film Molière by Norbert Tildian. But the film that consecrated him as one of the major French actors with audiences and critics was Jean.Luc Godard’s Up to the Last Breath (1960), who had previously directed him in the short film Charlotte et son Jules. After the success with Godard’s film, Belmondo is contacted by Claude Sautet to act alongside Lino Ventura in his noir Asfalto che scotta (1960), which was highly acclaimed by critics.

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