Russian Army: Destruction of Western weapons to Ukraine by missile destroyed  Watch

The war in Eastern Europe: The Russian military announced today (Saturday) that it has destroyed a large Western arms shipment in the Zhytomyr region of Ukraine, using naval cruise missiles, according to the Interfax news agency.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that it had managed to take over the Azobestel steel plant in Mariopol. This is the “last stronghold” in the besieged city that has not yet been conquered. The group of last soldiers left in the factory surrendered, according to a statement from the Russian Defense Ministry. “Underground structures in the factory, where gunmen were hiding, are now under the full control of the Russian armed forces,” the minister said in a statement, adding that 2,439 Ukrainian fighters had surrendered. Minister of Defense, Sergei SchwigoInformed the President Vladimir Putin.

Also, in the pro-Russian telegram channels, documentation was published of the commander of the naval unit operating in the factory, announcing the surrender of his soldiers. The unit was among the main forces defending the steel plant.

The strategically important port city was one of the first to be attacked immediately after the invasion of the Russian forces, on 24 February. In early March the city was attacked by the Russians and its residents faced severe food and water shortages and were subjected to heavy bombings that hit a maternity hospital and a local theater, where civilians found refuge.

The steel plant in Mariupol, where civilians and soldiers are trapped (Photo: Reuters)

By mid-April, most of the last Ukrainian forces had fought to repel the Russian forces and keep them away from the steel plant, which had also become a refuge for about a thousand civilians, including those seriously injured and left without medical treatment. At the end of April, Russia claimed to have occupied the city of Mariupol, except for the factory, which was denied by the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zlansky.

Also, last week there were already reports of the fall of the “last stronghold”, ie the factory, after hundreds of Ukrainian fighters began to evacuate it, after a heroic struggle of more than 80 days.

Earlier, following the request of Finland and Sweden to join the NATO alliance, Russia announced that Take action against NATO enlargement near its borders. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu He said that “Russia will establish 12 military units in the west of the country in response to requests to join.”

Meanwhile, the U.S. reported that it is expected to hold about 100,000 troops on European soil in the near future, “unless Russia escalates and threatens Sweden and Finland or other NATO members,” according to U.S. sources. The numbers may increase temporarily, if the military alliance decides to carry out exercises in the area or if the security environment in the area changes.

Exercise by the IDF and the US Army (Photo: Anna Ahronheim)Exercise by the IDF and the US Army (Photo: Anna Ahronheim)

The plans are being considered following a meeting of NATO allies last Thursday in Brussels. Joe Biden, This coming June. As mentioned, the United States has increased its manpower on the continent, which now has about 60,000 troops per 100,000 now. The United States has also added military assets along the Eastern wing of Europe, in order to support NATO and to deter Russia.

At the same time, the finance ministers of the G7 countries have announced that they will transfer to Ukraine $ 19.8 billion in economic aid. The statement from the organization said that “the funds will be used to help Ukraine” close its funding gaps and continue to ensure the provision of basic services to the Ukrainian people.

Joe Biden at the G-7 Summit (Photo: Reuters)Joe Biden at the G-7 Summit (Photo: Reuters)

Recall, in a statement issued earlier this week Finland read: “During the spring, an important discussion took place on Finland’s possible membership in NATO. It takes time to formulate local positions both in parliament and in society as a whole. “It takes time for close international contacts both with NATO and with its member states, as well as with Sweden. We wanted to give the discussion the time it needs.”

Remember, President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, Said this week that “NATO expansion at the expense of Finland and Sweden does not pose a direct threat to Russia.” He further warned that Russia would respond to the expansion of NATO’s military infrastructure in Finland and Sweden. “We will look at what will be based on the threats that will be created for us,” Putin said, adding that “we will respond accordingly.” The Russian president attacked the US, saying: “NATO enlargement is an artificial problem because everything is being done for the interests of the US.

Vladimir Putin (Photo: Sputnik / Sergei Guneev / Pool via REUTERS)Vladimir Putin (Photo: Sputnik / Sergei Guneev / Pool via REUTERS)

“The North Atlantic Alliance also goes beyond its geographical destination, beyond the Euro-Atlantic, trying to be more and more involved in international issues and control the international situation in terms of security and not in the best way. It certainly requires more attention on our part,” he added.

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