A monument to Andrei Sakharov disappeared from the Museon sculpture park in Moscow

A monument to Andrei Sakharov has disappeared from Museon, Moscow’s open-air sculpture park, publicist Nikolai Podosokrsky reports on his Telegram channel. The disappearance of the sculpture was discovered by the guides of “Memorial”, who on May 21 held a thematic walk “A Man Among the Monuments” in honor of Sakharov’s birthday.

The disappearance of the sculpture was reported by the artist Katya Gushchina, the author of the exhibition “Andrei Sakharov – Academician of Conscience”, which was previously held at the Memorial.

The sculpture by Andrei Sakharov (authored by Grigory Pototsky) was supposed to be one of the points of the walking route in Muzeon Park. Arriving at the place, the organizers and participants of the walk carefully walked around the Museon, but did not find the monument. I had to put flowers in the place where the sculpture stood before.

The information center of Gorky Park said that it had no information about the movement of the sculpture and that it should be in place. The guards, who came to find out what kind of meeting it was, claim that the monument is under restoration.

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