Spain breaks heat records:Temperatures over 40 degrees

With temperatures exceeding 40 degrees, the Spaniards are groaning under the heat. And that is exceptional for the time of year. Records are therefore being broken.

Heat records are currently being broken in Spain. It has been very hot for a while, but at the moment it is warmer in some places than it ever was in the month of May. In Seville, the mercury rose above 41 degrees, surpassing the old heat record of 39 degrees. And in Jaén in Andalusia, 40.3 degrees Celsius was measured, about 16 degrees more than the normal temperature for the time of year. The rest of the island saw about 7 degrees more than normal.

The Spanish government launched its heat plan on Thursday and advised the population to drink plenty of water and stay in the shade as much as possible. “May is very hot, much hotter than usual,” said Ruben del Campo, spokesman for AEMET, the Spanish meteorological institute. In many parts of the country, the temperature will not drop below 20 degrees at night. “In 2015, we also had an exceptionally warm May that broke records. It seemed then that such a situation would not arise again. And that was only seven years ago…”, he added. Although we have to wait until the end of the month to find out if it was the warmest May of the century.

In France, the heat record for spring was matched, with 38 consecutive days with temperatures above seasonal norms, Meteo-France said on Thursday. The previous record was dated April and May 2007.

The increase in the number of heat waves in Europe is, according to scientists, due to global warming. Greenhouse gas emissions increase the strength, duration and frequency of heat waves.

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