A young woman from Spain is claiming 3 million euros from the health authorities after a DNA test revealed that she was not the daughter of who she thought were her parents • In Spain they treated the claim and claimed it was an unfortunate human error


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Drama in Spain: A 19.year.old woman is suing the Rioja health authorities for € 3 million, claiming she was replaced at birth and given to foreign parents – with whom she has grown up to this day. The young woman discovered the serious mistake after conducting an examination DNA Related to a routine medical issue, and thus discovered that she was not the daughter of the couple of people she thought were her parents.

The unfortunate mistake occurred in the preterm birth department at one of the hospitals in the Rioja region of Spain in 2002. The young woman behind the lawsuit was born premature. According to current suspicions, one of the hospital staff accidentally switched between the incubator where she was treated and the incubator of another baby.

Senior members of the Spanish health system this evening (Tuesday) referred to the lawsuit and claimed that it was probably a human error. “It was a human error, and we are unable today to locate the person who caused it,” said Sarah Alba, the health officer in northern Rioja County.

“The system then was significantly different from today,” Alba added. “Today, unlike in the past, everything is computerized,” she said. Alba added that the only thing she can guarantee is that such a mistake will not happen again. In 1994, two French women won the sum of 400,000 euros each after it became clear that they had been replaced at birth.

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