Two and a half weeks before the election: Germany investigates Russian cyber attack

The German newspaper, Hadar Spiegel, reported that the federal prosecutor’s office headed by Peter Frank was investigating the cyber attack, during which hackers from a group called “Super Ghost” acted to gain access to private mail accounts of delegates in the Bundestag using phishing emails. Most of the activity was directed against deputies on behalf of the ruling Christian Democratic Party and on behalf of the Social Democratic Party.

On Monday, the German Foreign Ministry issued an official statement condemning Russia for the attacks and blaming the Defense Ministry’s intelligence service (GRU) for operating the hackers, as it did in cyber attacks in other countries, including the US. Hadar Spiegel noted that German authorities had warned Russia not to continue with the attacks, however the hackers have recently stepped up their activities.

Last June, authorities in Poland voted for the “Ghost Super” group as the one behind a cyber attack against more than a hundred personal e.mail accounts of current and past government officials and even reported that hackers had taken over a Twitter account of a ruling party member and posted intimate photos of a party member.

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