Hundreds of civilians, including US citizens, arrived in Doha today by plane from Kabul on the first flight carrying foreigners from Afghanistan since US and NATO forces left the country.

AFP correspondents saw passengers exiting at Hamad International Airport.

About 113 passengers were on the Boeing 777, including Americans, Canadians, Germans and Ukrainians, a source close to the operation told AFP. They will be accepted at the center for Afghan refugees in Doha, the source added.

Earlier, several sources said that 200 people were on the flight.

Today’s evacuation, the first since August 31, represents a major step forward after turbulent coordination on the issue by the United States and the new Afghan Taliban rulers.

The Taliban stated that they would allow foreigners and Afghans to leave the country with valid travel documents, but doubts about that promise arose due to the several-day postponement of the evacuation.

Dozens of people who left Afghanistan today were evacuated by a Qatar Airways plane flying to Doha.

During a visit to Pakistan, Qatari Foreign Minister Mohamed ben Abderahman al Thani greeted the Taliban for allowing the flight.

“We were able to secure the first flight with the passengers … we thank the Taliban for their cooperation. That is exactly what we expected from the Taliban, to see the positive statements translate into action,” he said in statements broadcast on television.

Qatar has become an unavoidable factor in the Afghan crisis. In Qatar, negotiations were held between the USA, during the time of President Donald Trump, and the Taliban, which ended in 2020, and then the Taliban and now the overthrown President Ashraf Ghani.

Numerous countries, including the United States, have moved their embassies from Kabul to Doha since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan.

The United States has welcomed Taliban cooperation over the first evacuation from Afghanistan since their departure

The United States today welcomed the “cooperation” and “flexibility” of the Taliban on the occasion of the first flight of evacuation from Afghanistan since their withdrawal from that country, in which, among others, Americans were transported from Kabul.

The Taliban provided proof of cooperation by enabling the departure of American citizens and persons with permanent residence in the United States on charter flights from Kabul, the White House announced.

“They have given proof of flexibility and have been professional in our exchange with them around this endeavor. It is the first positive step,” the White House added.

Dozens of Western nationals flew from Kabul today on an international passenger flight, the first mass evacuation from Afghanistan since U.S. and NATO forces left the country. As reported by Agence France-Presse, they later landed at the airport in Doha, and the flight was performed by a Qatar Airways plane.

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