Zelenski resents the division in the Union over new sanctions against Russia: Why were they allowed to do so?

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday, he expressed outrage over divisions within the european new sanctions against russia and wondered why some countries were allowed to block the plan.

“How many more weeks will the European Union try to agree on the sixth package?” Zelenski asked in a late-night address, noting that Russia receives 1 billion euros a day for energy supplies from the 27-nation bloc.

Namely, as Reuters reminds, the Union is discussing the sixth round of measures against Russia, including the embargo on the import of Russian oil. Such a move requires the consensus of all member states, but Hungary opposes the idea for now, arguing that its economy would suffer too much damage.

“Of course I’m grateful to those friends who are advocating new sanctions. But where does the power come from for people blocking this sixth package? Why are they allowed to have so much power?” Zelensky wondered.

Official Berlin hopes talks on a new round of sanctions will be completed soon, but that will not be a topic at next week’s summit of EU leaders, a German official said on Wednesday.

For the second day in a row, the statements of the Ukrainian president present sharpened rhetoric when it comes to the world’s approach to the war in Ukraine.

“Pressure on Russia is literally a matter of saving lives. And every day of procrastination, weakness, various disputes or proposals to ‘pacify’ the aggressor, just means that more Ukrainians will be killed,” Zelensky said.

On Wednesday, he was angered by proposals for Kiev’s concessions to achieve peace, saying the idea exudes attempts to appease Nazi Germany in 1938.

He also reiterated complaints that the world had failed to completely isolate Russia’s banking system and that it had not delivered heavy weapons to Ukraine quickly enough.

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