Report: “The accident” at the military facility in Parchin, Iran
New York Times report: The “accident” that occurred this week at the military facility in Parchin, Iran, was the result of a UAV attack. According to the report, the site where the explosion took place is a UAV research and development facility of the Iranian Ministry of Defense.The information in the New York Times report relies on 3 Iranian officials involved in the attack as well as another American official. The attack that took place on Wednesday evening took place using suicide drones that exploded on the same building of the Ministry of Defense.

The report states that although no one claimed responsibility for the attack, the way it was conducted is consistent with a similar Israeli pattern of past attacks in Iran and Lebanon.

In Iran, a “work accident” was reported last Thursday at a military facility near the capital. One engineer was killed in the incident, and two other workers were injured. The official news agency of the Islamic Republic reported that the “work accident” occurred at a military plant located in Parchin province, southeast of the capital Tehran. One person was killed in the incident, while the wounded were evacuated to hospital for treatment. The facility where the accident occurred was previously linked to the regime’s nuclear program and weapons development.

Only last Sunday, a mysterious assassination took place in Iran Of a senior Revolutionary Guards officer outside his home using gun shots with a silencer. According to reports, these are two assassins who arrived at the scene riding a motorcycle and they fired 5 bullets at the officer who was sitting in the driver’s seat of his vehicle. 3 of the bullets hit his head – and he died on the spot. The New York Times reported on Tuesday that Israel had informed the United States that it was responsible for the assassination of a senior official.

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