‘Two years and eight months in prison is too lenient for the accident in which Petra Horvat died’

After Ivan Sanjic (23) from Koprivnica was found guilty and sentenced to two years and eight months, below the legal minimum, for a traffic accident caused by a drunk and in which Petra Horvat died, both sides appealed the verdict. Let us remind you that Šanjić was returning from Cvetkovac to Koprivnica shortly after midnight on May 13 last year. In Kunovec Breg, he drove to the left side of the road and hit Petra Horvat’s car directly. She was returning home from Koprivnica to Poljanec near Ludbreg. After five hours, Petra died at the Koprivnica General Hospital.

Appeals against the verdict of the County Court in Varaždin, which will be decided by the High Criminal Court, were filed by the County State’s Attorney’s Office and Šanjić himself through his lawyer Anja Juršetić. In addition to the prison sentence, Šanjić was given a security measure banning him from driving for three years longer than the prison sentence.

Advocacy based its appeal on the facts that the trial court gave too much weight to mitigating circumstances in sentencing. They consider that the imposed prison sentence and the security measure are too lenient because there are no particularly mitigating circumstances for the defendant that can justify the imposition of a prison sentence below the legally prescribed lower limit. In the appeal, they suggest that Sanjic be sentenced to imprisonment and a longer security measure. They remind that he was driving a car under the influence of alcohol (more than 1.4 per mille of alcohol in the body), which is why he was not able to keep his vehicle in the right lane, so he crossed to the left lane and hit a car. was driven from the opposite direction by 25-year-old Petra Horvat. In the collision, the 25-year-old suffered multiple serious injuries from which she died.

Sanjic in his appeal through a lawyer, he states that the court “insufficiently valorized his attitude towards the consequence, ie his sincere remorse and empathy”. Namely, he wrote a letter to the families of the deceased in which he did not hide his grief and visited the grave of the late Petra Horvat. He also states that his family and he are constantly suffering from the accident. In the complaint, the lawyer reminds that Šanjić himself was seriously injured in the accident and that it will have consequences.

They believe that the security measure of banning the driving of motor vehicles for three years longer than the sentence of imprisonment is too long and that the danger of committing a new criminal offense can be eliminated by a security measure of shorter duration. After completing his studies, the accused will want to get a job, for which he will definitely need a vehicle “, as a result of which the safety measure of driving for three years seems too long and prevents him from re-socializing and becoming involved in society and employment. serving a sentence ”.

We remind you that they are the late Petra, who lived in her parents’ house with her mother Ljubica (65) in the Ludbreg area, was called a good spirit. She graduated from medical school, enrolled in the Faculty of Nursing to earn a master’s degree. While going to school, she earned her pocket money by giving instructions. She was employed as the head nurse at the Home for the Elderly and Mentally Ill in Jalžabet, about 10 kilometers away. She helped her mother Ljubica adopt four children. She was the most active member of the Diamell Association, which took care of diabetics. She was the author of a show about diabetics on Ludbreg radio.

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