The Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH, Bisera Turković (SDA), stated that it is unacceptable to build an “all-Serbian sanctuary” on the territory of BiH, without a decision and approval of the institutions and citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Turkovic said that on the occasion of today’s statement by the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, after the meeting with the Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC) Porfirio, that the construction of “something that should be an all-Serbian sanctuary in the saddest place, in Donja Gradina” is planned.

She added that BiH “respects all victims of crime, that BiH is a place of genocide and ethnic cleansing”, not only during the last war in BiH, but also during the Second World War.

“It is an undeniable fact, as well as the right of victims to a dignified memory and memorial. But one thing must be clear, it is unacceptable to build and work on the territory of BiH without a decision and approval of its institutions and citizens,” Turkovic pointed out.

According to her, such announcements from Serbia, from the authorities and the Serbian Orthodox Church, without any institutional consultations with the competent authorities in BiH, do not show respect and interstate respect.

“They look more like ordinary politicking, abuse and are far from respecting the victims, even those from Jasenovac, among whom are not only Serbs,” said Turkovic.

She added that a large number of Bosniaks, Roma and others were killed in the concentration camp, “as they were killed in the Omarska and Trnopolje camps, in Prijedor and in many other execution sites where the smaller entity authorities still ban the construction of monuments.”

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