– “The problem is not the unvaccinated, but the virus that varies. The variations arise as a reaction to vaccines– In Israel they are all vaccinated and the virus is turning among thousands of people “. This is what Matteo Salvini argued, drawing criticism from virologists and parliamentary colleagues.” I invite, I do not oblige everyone to get vaccinated, but we need tampons, free for those who cannot afford it“, continued the secretary of the League, speaking at ‘L’aria che tira’.” No vax? Enough with the fans, it seems Milan.Inter. Doctors in Britain advise against vaccines for children under 15 “.

“Do you understand why I am discouraged?” Commented virologist Roberto Burioni, professor at the Vita.Salute San Raffaele University in Milan, on Twitter. “It would be good if a political leader whose messages reach millions of citizens avoided grappling with approximate and dangerous statements of a scientific nature“, stigmatizes the democratic deputy Emanuele Fiano, from the presidency of the Group,” But Salvini never ceases to amaze us and, after the ambiguous and irresponsible attitude held by the League on the green pass in the Chamber, today he comes across a reckless theory according to which the Vaccines generate variants – he adds – Denied by the most eminent Italian virologists, scientists who have also had different positions among themselves, but not today and not on this.It is not up to a politician to venture into this kind of utterances that negatively affect all efforts we are doing to counter Covid. If he wants to stay in a government that is taking the most serious and necessary measures, Salvini should do so by demonstrating a sense of responsibility in the face of the greatest global epidemic of the modern era. Here we are not in Papeete, we are in the presence of over 130,000 dead, of torn families, of a wounded economy. Just play with the consent on the skin of the Italians “.

“Salvini is totally irresponsible, one cannot talk nonsense against all scientific evidence“, protests Matteo Ricci, dem mayor of Pesaro and coordinator of the mayors of the Democratic Party.” His presence in the government is holding back Draghi’s virtuous action. The League is opposing no vax, leave the government, it is not compatible with Draghi “.

In the evening, Salvini then corrected his shot. “They are among the 40 million Italians who have chosen the vaccine and work, alongside mayors and governors, to offer this possibility to those who have not yet done so”, he said. “Remembering that the vaccine in any case does not make us immortal, that we must continue to be prudent to defeat the variants, that unfortunately we will have to live with the virus for a long time, with patience and attention, it is simply responsibility – he defended himself – Enough with the controversy, united against the virus and stop“.

In a note from the party, a page from the Higher Institute of Health was then cited in which, among “the hypotheses put forward” to list the “reasons that determine the development of a variant of a virus”, the “selective pressure exerted” is cited from the immune response, from drugs or vaccines “. Even today, Salvini – he underlined – has launched an appeal for Italians to get vaccinated, as he did, “by conscious choice and not by compulsion”.

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