The vice president of the Party of Freedom and Justice (SAA), Marinika Tepic, stated today that during the night she “received several dozen messages due to the unpleasant circumstance that police officers in Belgrade rehearsed a gun on family members, on the children of Montenegrin Prime Minister Krivokapic”.

Tepic said in Krusevac that “what is the first question” about the case, “how short is the path from satanization and harassment of someone, to a situation in which someone will officially put a gun to your head?”, And warned that the victims such chases daily representatives of the SAA.

“Everyone around me, from the president of the party Dragan Djilas, I think that there is no day when they are not lynched, insulted, by lies produced and invented from one kitchen, Aleksandar Vučić, and it is most faithfully accompanied by the kitchen of your Bratislav Gašić, for which I do not know what qualifications instructed him to be the head of what has always been called the secret service, and now it is not just the secret service of the state, but the secret service of the party and the brothers, “said Tepic.

Tepic stated that the comments on “what happened last night”, regarding the allegations of the Montenegrin media that the Serbian police “rehearsed the gun on the son of the Montenegrin Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapic and a member of his security”, were “chasing us through the streets like rabbits”. they will kill us on our doorsteps. “

“And every normal person will conclude that, like all of us, if we didn’t know that as long as there is one person who resists, who says no, there is hope, there is faith, and we will not give up. We have a very clear plan. to heal this country and people, not to whisper in the street, not to worry if someone is eavesdropping on them, not to be afraid when they like something on Facebook and on the networks, that their superiors will wait for them on Monday to fire them, “said Tepic.

She added that it must not happen that people “shake that they have to sign 20 or 40 votes so that one of their families would not lose their job”.

“It must not happen again. People must go to the polls freely, so that election day is a solemn day when we are all in the same mood as today, and not for someone to end up in a trunk, and not have to chase their family members.” “Just as people are not forced into cars and trucks to be led in groups and hordes, so that some semi-literate controller and semi-literate commissioner of the Serbian Progressive Party controls what they have completed,” Tepic said.

Tepic said the SAA would fight for it “despite the captured RTS, the captured judiciary and the servile bodies of all institutions”, and that party activists would go “from city to city from person to person”, until they fight “for freedom and fair elections “.

“Because the elections will either be like that or they will not be. If someone thinks that they will save themselves in silence, they will not, because this pathology of the SNS, led by the biggest pathologically problematic man, is such that tomorrow they will surely like your company, your car. , your field, unfortunately your wife, daughter, and that is just another part of the spoils for them that they wanted and believe that things belong to them by nature, because they have power and not just power, “said Tepic.

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