Unlike the United States, Canada is moving toward a total prohibition on gun ownership

Even after the horrifying slaughter at a Texas school, U.S. lawmakers are far from implementing any curbs on the sale of firearms, while Canada is heading toward a total ban on private gun ownership. Those who already have a gun license will be able to keep their guns, but the government wants to reduce the number of gun owners.

Furthermore, the legislation will allow for the revocation of licenses for people who have engaged in domestic abuse or criminal harassment. In addition, the pistol cartridges will be reduced to a maximum of five rounds. Trudeau said, “It’s a concrete and true national move that goes above and beyond to keep Canadians secure.” “There is no reason why anyone in Canada needs guns in everyday life, other from athletic shooting and hunting. While the use of firearms continues to rise, it is our responsibility to intervene.”

Unlike the United States, Canada has stringent laws limiting the acquisition of guns as well as restrictions on the sorts of weapons that can be purchased. Under present regulations, anyone trying to buy a firearm must pass a thorough background check, and all rifles must be locked and unloaded while not in use. In Nova Scotia, there are 22 persons. Trudeau promptly announced the outlawing of 1,500 various types of assault rifles and military-style firearms after the bloodiest mass killing in Canadian history two years ago.

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