AGI – Bringing together scholars and representatives of the various religions to coincide with the G20 is “a far-sighted choice” because the theme must be an element of dialogue and not of confrontation. To write it, in a message to the G20 Interfaith Forum, is the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

The regions are not an element of confrontation

“The idea of ​​bringing together scholars, representatives of the various faiths and exponents of civil society in a specific moment dedicated to the spiritual dimension, coinciding with the G20, constitutes a far-sighted choice, particularly in a juncture in which temptations to use religious expressions as an element of confrontation rather than dialogue reappear“, Mattarella urged.

“The awareness of how the religious factor is an important element in building a more just international society, respectful of the dignity of every woman and every man, is becoming more and more rooted”, adds Mattarella. “It grows, accordingly, too the recognition of the constructive contribution that the various confessions can offer to the cause of peace and to cooperation in the achievement of objectives that challenge the whole of humanity, in a fruitful mosaic that draws on the universal values ​​that they testify “.

“From development, to the protection of fundamental rights, to the promotion of genuine equality between women and men, to the prevention and resolution of conflicts, to environmental care and health protection, to access to education, there are many the areas in which their contribution to the human consortium finds expression.

Attention to the spiritual dimension

Attention to the spiritual dimension also sounds recognition of the accentuated presence of religious leaders in the public debate on major global issues. These are challenges of exceptional importance, which require a participatory assumption of responsibility on the part of institutions and civil society, in a joint effort – which we must all take on – particularly towards young people and future generations “, continues the president. of the Republic.

The title of the Forum, Time to heal – a time to heal wounds – invites a collect positive values ​​and messages, of which the different faiths are bearers, for a common purpose, all the more important in a historical moment marked by the pandemic, with its dramatic consequences. Religions can be precious, in the conversation with the institutions, to aspire to a better world. While I am grateful to express my appreciation for the commitment of the organizers of the Interreligious Forum of Bologna, I extend a greeting and a warm wish for good work to all participants “, concluded Mattarella.

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