Capitol police last night arrested a California resident, a far.right supporter, who was holding a bayonet and machete in his car parked near the Democratic Party headquarters. A police officer on patrol identified a pickup truck with a swastika and other symbols of white racism painted on it as he parked outside the Democratic Party offices. According to the announcement, the van did not have a license plate but a drawing of the American flag.

A rifle and a machete knife were found inside the vehicle, which are prohibited by law in Washington, D.C., and the driver, Donald Craighead (44) from Oceanside, California, was arrested on suspicion of possession of prohibited weapons. According to him, he was “on patrol” and he talked to the cops about an ideology of white supremacy.

According to Capitol police, it is now being investigated whether Craighead planned to take part in demonstrations supported by the former president Donald Trump, Plan to hold in the city this coming weekend. It is also being investigated whether it is related to other events of the far right in the Washington area.

“This is good police work, sharp and smooth,” the police chief said Tom Menger– “We commend the teamwork that led to this arrest.” “This is a great example of the work our cops do every day,” added Capitol Police Deputy Chiefs of Operations Jason Bell, concluding: “We are proud of these cops for their vigilance.”

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