President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, Announced today that it has entered self.isolation after a number of people close to it contracted the corona virus, a day after meeting with Syrian President Bashar Assad, and watching a major military exercise.

A Kremlin statement said Putin would “maintain self.isolation for some time” after a number of verified cases of Corona infection in his immediate area were identified. “The president feels completely healthy,” Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov stressed, adding that the president’s coronation had been negative. During the isolation, Putin will stay at the Novo.Ogryovo estate west of Moscow.

Peskov did not reveal the identities of those infected with the virus, although he made it clear that the Kremlin knew who they were, but said it was still unclear if they had been vaccinated. “The doctors are doing their job,” he stressed. “It’s a normal procedure when a person is in contact with patients, he waits for several days. You and I know that the vaccine protects against serious illness, but it can still be infected.“

Due to the isolation, Putin will not go to Tajikistan, where he was supposed to attend the summit of the leaders of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Organization for Collective Security, and instead will attend the events via video.

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The announcement of the Russian president’s entry into isolation came hours after it was announced that he had hosted President Assad in Moscow yesterday, but Peskov clarified that the decision on isolation was made after the meeting. Putin also visited the great Zapad .2021 military exercise in the west of the country yesterday and met with the medal winners from the Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

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