New Jersey announced today (Wednesday) that ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s and its parent company “Unilever” have violated state laws prohibiting the boycott of the State of Israel. “The New Jersey State Investment Division, in conjunction with ISS, conducted a review of the actions of Ben & Jerrys and its parent company, Unilever, to determine whether the nature of the boycott of Israel or the Israeli.controlled operations companies,” it said.

“Following this review, the division came to the conclusion that Unilever’s actions do constitute a boycott. Therefore, a letter was sent to the company informing about the temporary determination. Upon its final determination, no pension fund assets should be invested in the company, and DOI will take appropriate steps to sell any existing investment in the pension fund.” , Said Shawib Khan, director of the investment division.

Ben & Jerry’s Israel stated: “We congratulate the State of New Jersey on its decision to fight the boycott movement against the State of Israel and to impose heavy economic sanctions on the global Ben & Jerry’s company, which together with its parent company Unilever chose to act against the State of Israel and its citizens. “And not for the first time. Ben & Jerry’s Israel is committed to continuing to fight against the illegal decision and will not allow any Israeli citizen to be harmed or boycotted.“

As you may recall, about two months ago, the famous ice cream company announced that it would stop selling its products in the “Occupied Palestinian Territories,” it was not yet clear which areas were in question. Meanwhile, the company emphasized that although Ben & Jerry’s will no longer be sold in the “occupied territories”, they will continue sales in Israel through another arrangement that will be updated later.

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Meanwhile, Unilever Global CEO Alan Joop said during a conversation with investors that the company is “completely committed to Israel.” We have made significant investments in the country in the last decade, including in the field of entrepreneurship and social programs. “

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