The municipality of Cajetina is among 23 places in Serbia where the European Mobility Week, which takes place from September 16th to 22nd, will be marked.

The founder and sponsor of the European Mobility Week is the European Commission, which with this event wants to favor non-motorized modes of transport in cities in relation to automobile traffic that uses fossil fuels, all with the aim of improving the quality of the environment in urban areas.

In the celebration of Mobility Week with the slogan “Let’s move sustainably! Let’s stay healthy!” this year 2,520 cities from 47 countries are participating.

“Our goal is for the municipality of Cajetina to be one of the first ecological municipalities in Serbia, for the air to be as clean as possible, nature as well as the center of the tourist place Zlatibor so that as many guests as possible come to our municipality,” said the president of the Traffic Safety Council. of the municipality of Cajetina, Miloje Rajović.

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