Today, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, accused the Kosovo delegation and the Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, of trying to stop the dialogue by performing in Brussels.

The man came so that they would not agree on anything. He told me: ‘I came to ask you when you will recognize an independent Kosovo’. My answer was: ‘Never!’ Then he detonated … “, Vučić told reporters in Brussels.

He reiterated that Serbia will never stop the dialogue, but that what he saw today is perceived as an attempt to stop the dialogue.

Vučić said that he was not satisfied with the essence of the conversation because it seems to him that the Pristina delegation came to provoke a quick response from Belgrade and the eventual abandonment of the talks.

The President of Serbia said that the EU representatives who attended the talks were correct and that it was clear to them what happened today.

In response to foreign journalists, Vucic said that official Belgrade insisted on first fulfilling what had already been agreed so that some other things could be discussed, and that he clearly expressed his readiness to continue the search for missing persons.

He added that Serbia is always ready to excavate the possible remains of those killed, at any location that is requested, in order to help the families of the missing to establish the truth about their members.

“But they wanted to talk about Veljko Odalovic as Goebbels … Today we also heard that Jesus was born on February 14, when Kurti won the election. We really didn’t know that,” he said.

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