The Democratic Party (DS) said today that Serbia “under such rule has become a point on the planet to be avoided”, although “the regime immersed in organized crime with the propaganda machinery assures citizens that we are leaders in everything, including the fight against pandemics”.

“While the mafia government is inappropriately and vulgarly playing with national symbols throughout Serbia, our country is becoming famous for organized crime, which is the biggest threat to the constitutional order and citizens,” said DS Vice President Dragana Rakic.

According to that party, in the official document of the State Department and the American Embassy in Belgrade, which was recently published, there is a warning to passengers not to travel to Serbia due to covid and organized crime.

“” We must not allow our country to turn into a Latin American dictatorship in Europe. That is why it is very important that all social actors, all opposition forces and the citizens of Serbia unite in the fight against the mafia, because that is the key issue for the survival of our country, “Rakic ​​said.

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