German security officials arrested four people today (Thursday), including a 16.year.old Syrian boy, on suspicion of plotting an attack on a synagogue in the western city of Hagen during Yom Kippur.

Following this, the local Jewish community announced the cancellation of all events that were to be held at the local synagogue. Police also noted that they have blocked access to the synagogue and are in close contact with the community.

Minister of the Interior of the State of North Rhine.Westphalia, Herbert Raoul, He said that “the authorities received ‘very concrete and serious information’ about a possible attack on Yom Kippur.” He said the information included, among other things, the possible date of its execution and the person most likely behind it. Minister Raul added that after searches by police forces around the synagogue and inside it, no dangerous activists were found.

According to a report in the local newspaper, Hadar.Spiegel, the early warning was received after the suspect boy told another person, during a virtual conversation, that he was planning to plant an explosive device in the synagogue. Security officials arrested him this morning, at his home, along with the arrest of three other suspects.

German Minister of Justice, Christine Lambrecht, Condemned the attempted attack and said: “It is unbearable that Jews are once again exposed to such a terrible threat, and that they cannot celebrate the beginning of their holy holiday together.”

As you may recall, about two years ago during Yom Kippur, an extremist right.wing terrorist carried out an attack in the eastern city of Ella. The attack, later dubbed one of the worst anti.Semitic attacks in a country since the end of World War II, killed two people and injured two others.

Candles are lit in memory of the victims of the shooting attack outside the city synagogue (Photo: Reuters)

After a trial that lasted about 5 months and during which he refused to plead guilty and expressed no remorse, the High Court in Naumburg convicted the terrorist on all counts and handed down the highest sentence in German law, life imprisonment.

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