The Islamic State.Khursan organization in Afghanistan claimed that the terrorist who carried out the suicide bombing at the entrance to Kabul airport last month, in which about 170 people were killed, including 13 American Marines, was supposed to carry out an attack in India five years ago, but was arrested and extradited to Afghanistan.

According to Kol Hind magazine, the terrorist, identified as Abdul Rahman al.Lugari, traveled to India to “carry out a suicide bombing against Hindus who worship cows as revenge on Kashmir.” “But Allah has decided otherwise and the brother will be examined with imprisonment and deported to Afghanistan,” the article continued. “True to his promise to Allah, the brother did not return home, but performed his action.“

Indian media reported tonight that the Afghan terrorist was supposed to carry out the Islamic State’s first suicide bombing in India, but was arrested in 2016 on the border between Delhi and the state of Haryana while impersonating a student. The operation began after an Indian intelligence agency received an alert for locating correspondence and money transfers that indicated an intention to carry out an attack, but the suspect was only identified after nearly a year.

Following his arrest, the terrorist was deported to Afghanistan, but the information he provided allowed coalition forces to carry out a major offensive against the Islamic State.Khursan state and more than 500 terrorists were killed in the bombings. The terrorist was held in a prison in Afghanistan, but was apparently released when the Islamic State terrorists committed a prison break in the wake of the American withdrawal from the country.

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