Google today (Sunday) blocked documents published by the men of the imprisoned Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, In order to recommend candidates who can defeat their loyal rivals to the Kremlin on the third and final day of the (similar) parliamentary elections. As part of the “smart voting” campaign, Navalny’s staff members published two lists with the names of the candidates most likely to outnumber the Kremlin.affiliated candidates. This morning, however, it became clear that the Google Docs service had removed the lists and prevented access to them.

This is the third day in a row that the American technology giant is working against the attempts of Navalny and his men to promote “smart voting”. On Friday she removed the widget from her app store and last night she removed from YouTube a video explaining the method. Apple also removed the app, while Telegram blocked the “smart voting” bot.

Navalny’s associates accused the technology giant of surrendering to the president Vladimir Putin And in political censorship. Despite this, Navalny – who is serving a prison sentence in a penal colony – posted an Instagram post explaining the “smart voting” method and urged voters to continue the tactic: “No one asked you to unload cars, waste time for weeks, wade in the swamp or eat rocks,” he wrote. “Get a recommendation, vote, persuade others to do the same. Do not be lazy, please,” he added.

The technology companies did not explain the reasons for the unusual action. The New York Times reported over the weekend that the Russian regime had threatened to take legal action against local workers and a source aware of Google’s decision said authorities had even provided specific names of workers expected to stand trial.

Tonight, the voting in the parliamentary elections will end after three days of voting. President Putin’s “United Russia” ruling party is expected to win a decisive majority of the vote in a vote that is not expected to win favorable reactions from opposition and Western countries.

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