Ruling United Russia, loyal to President Vladimir Putin, won the most votes in the parliamentary elections, partial results show.

The election commission announced the results with 21 percent of polling stations, according to which United Russia won 43.39 percent of the votes.

These are the results for 225 deputies of the State Duma who are elected according to the proportional system, ie through lists, while the remaining 225 members of the lower house of parliament will be elected by the majority principle, by individual competition of candidates.

The candidates of United Russia lead in 143 out of 225 constituencies in which deputies are elected by the majority electoral system, reports Agence France.Presse.

Given the small number of polling stations processed, it is unclear at this time whether United Russia will retain the two.thirds majority in parliament needed to change the constitution.

In the previous elections, in 2016, United Russia received about 54.2 percent of the votes, which means that the partial results indicate a considerable decline in support for the ruling party.

According to the results published by the election commission, the Communist Party of Russia, Gennady Zyuganov, is in second place, with 22.82 percent of the vote, and the nationalist Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, is in third place with 8.68 percent.

According to the election commission, the parliament includes Just Russia, which supports almost all of Putin’s initiatives, with 7.18 percent of the vote, and the New People party, formed last year and considered by many to be a Kremlin project, with 6.78 percent.

According to the exit poll of the Institute for Social Marketing (Insomar), ie the poll of citizens after they left the polling station, United Russia received 45.2 percent of the votes.

According to those results, the Communist Party of Russia won 21 percent, the Liberal Democratic Party 8.7 percent, and Just Russia 7.9 percent of the vote.

There was no most influential part of the opposition in the parliamentary elections, as the Russian authorities declared the organizations of the leading critic of the Kremlin, Alexei Navalny, extremist and banned the candidacy of anyone connected with them.

The vote was also marked by numerous allegations of irregularities, including ballot manipulation and multiple voting by the same persons at different polling stations, according to the Associated Press.

The election commission confirmed at least eight cases of ballot manipulation in six regions. The commission declared 7,465 ballots invalid in 14 regions.

According to the data, by 6 pm Moscow time, three hours before the end of the voting, 45% of 108 million voters went to the polls.

Many saw the September 17.19 parliamentary elections as part of Putin’s efforts to cement power ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

The reason for the vote was the bad epidemiological situation in the country, which was severely affected by the corona virus pandemic. Citizens were able to vote online and at polling stations.

The elections were held in an atmosphere of months of fierce confrontation with opposition politicians, activists and independent media.

About 50 sites backed by Navalny were blocked, including one dedicated to the Smart Voting app. The application was designed with the goal of weakening United Russia, since it was supposed to indicate to the voters which participants in the elections have the greatest chances of defeating the candidates of the ruling party.

Apple and Google removed the application from their online stores on Friday under pressure from the Kremlin, while YouTube blocked access to video clips with candidates who were given a chance against the ruling party by the “Smart Voting” application.

Navalny’s allies, who are serving a prison sentence, assessed that the blockade of the application and allegations of election irregularities indicate the Kremlin’s insecurity that the election results will be what the top authorities want.

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