The Hungarian parliament today (Tuesday) approved anti-pedophilia legislation that also bans the distribution of homosexual materials in schools and the media, despite mass protests within Hungary and condemnations of human rights organizations and leading companies-

The government-led bill Fidesh, in line with Urban’s call for “leave our children,” focused on tightening measures against the pedophilia phenomenon- But the proposal also included clauses banning the distribution of content that promotes “a different gender identity from sex at birth, gender reassignment and homosexuality-“

According to the legislation, sex education classes in schools will not be able to engage in gender reassignment and homosexuality promotion, and only individuals and organizations that have received approval from the state will be able to transfer them, thus preventing the activities of social organizations identified with the gay community- Also, those aged 18 and under will not be allowed to be exposed to homosexual content or related to gender identity, including in TV shows, movies and commercials-

The bill passed with a majority of 157 supporters, with members of the ruling far-right party Ubik in the opposition also joining the ruling party- However, other members of the opposition boycotted the vote and now the law is awaiting the signature of President Janusz Adar-

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The ruling party continued the legislative process despite public protests and condemnations outside Hungary- Last night, tens of thousands of people demonstrated in front of the parliament building and urged elected officials not to approve the controversial bill- “We must tell every Member of Parliament that this proposal is against children, against family and inhuman,” declared David Vig, director of the Hungarian branch of Amnesty International-

“This bill will increase the discrimination and possible harassment against members of the gay community of all ages,” said a statement from “We are open,” a coalition of Google-funded international companies working for the LGBT community around the world- This law is against the interests of businesses in Hungary- “

The ruling party also took advantage of the last day of the spring session of parliament to pass legislation enacted by a fund to build the Chinese Fudan University in Budapest and allocate land for the academic institution, despite Urban declaring a few days ago that the question of establishing the controversial university would be controversial- Elections next year and put to a referendum-

Budapest’s liberal mayor, Gregory Karaconi, who is running for opposition leadership in the election against Urban, has condemned the ruling party- “This is a shameful day, the opposition has no place in parliament but on the street,” he wrote on Facebook- “Because of incitement to hatred, the deliberate strengthening of any social group, the sale of urban property and the boycott of the state in favor of China are not a rule but a control- The rule of one percent is narrow over 99 percent who want peace and justice-“

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