Biden on the Israeli.Palestinian conflict: “A two.state solution is far away”

“I believe in a two.state solution, but it is far from us. Support for Israel remains the same.” These are the words of the President of the United States today (Tuesday) Joe Biden During his speech at the UN General Assembly.

The President addressed a variety of issues, including the Israeli.Palestinian conflict. “We seek peace and security for the Middle East,” he added.

As you may recall, Biden told the prime minister Naftali Bennett During their meeting at the White House that he did not intend to abandon his plan to reopen the American consulate in Jerusalem, according to senior Israeli and American officials who were updated in detail at the meeting, the Walla! Website reported.

The American Consulate in Jerusalem, established in the 19th century, managed relations between the United States and the Palestinian Authority for 25 years, until in 2019 it was closed by the Trump administration and merged into the United States Embassy in Israel. Its reopening appears to be an issue with the potential for creating tension between the White House and the new government in Israel.

Abu Mazen (Photo: Flash 90)

Bennett, since taking office as prime minister, has repeatedly stated that no Palestinian state will be established on his watch. “This government will not annex or establish a Palestinian state, everyone accepts it. I am the prime minister of all Israelis, and what I am doing now is finding the middle ground – how can we focus on what we agree on,” he said during a visit to the United States in an interview with New The York Times. ”

This, despite the meeting of the Minister of Defense Bnei Gantz With the Chairman of the Palestinian Authority Abu Mazen Last month. “The Gantz.Abu Mazen meeting was approved in advance by the prime minister. It is a meeting that deals with current issues of the security system with the Palestinian Authority. There is no political process with the Palestinians and neither will there be,” said a source close to Bennett.

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