Democratic Party (DS) Vice President Tatjana Manojlovic said today that Serbian authorities had deliberately done nothing to address the issue of license plates for cars and other vehicles in Kosovo and Metohija and that they had consciously allowed the agreement to expire without a new agreement and solution. on tables, which was signed in Brussels five years ago.

“It is obviously a political game in which the leader of the regime in Belgrade, Aleksandar Vucic, fulfills the obligations he undertook in the negotiations with Pristina and at the same time tries to preserve the rating among voters, before whom he presents himself as a nationalist and invincible fighter for state and national interests.” , stated Manojlović in a written statement.

According to her, “the government in Pristina and its president, Albin Kurti (Albin), who is leading his election campaign and promoting the so.called policy of reciprocity” are profiting from that game, while the citizens and economy of Serbia are losing, especially the remaining Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija.

“The current government in Serbia, led by Vučić, concluded an agreement on license plates in 2016, which is based on the principle of reciprocity, and thus created preconditions for removing regular license plates from all cars and putting temporary ones at administrative crossings today,” she said. is she.

She added that the regime in Belgrade was responsible for all “the chaos at administrative crossings, the damage suffered by citizens and the economy and a new deterioration of the security situation.”

As she stated, “this is certainly not a surprise for official Belgrade, and the noise they are making now only serves to hide the truth, of course that both Vučić and his followers from the Serbian List knew that Kurti would bring special police units to Jarinje and that use a ‘gift’ from Belgrade for their election campaign, but they kept quiet about it “.

“Most people from Kosovo and Metohija understand that, and most of those I talked to yesterday and today, mostly say the same thing: if Kurti is doing all this on his own, without the knowledge of the Serbian side and contrary to existing agreements, then what are they still doing in his government?” representatives of the Serbian List “, Manojlović pointed out.

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