The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, stated today that the Government of Kosovo is interested in discussing the issue of temporary license plates in Brussels, but that the Serbian side refused.

After the Government session, he told the journalists that they were interested in a permanent solution to the problem of freedom of movement of the citizens of the two countries and that he would withdraw the decision if the Serbian side did the same.
Kurti said that the introduction of temporary tables had begun and that he was “happy to see a positive response from Serbian citizens to the introduction of that measure”.

“This decision is equal to the measure that Serbia has been applying for more than two decades. Yesterday, I announced that Kosovo’s decision is within the framework of law enforcement, and I am ready to remove it if we have an obligation on the Serbian side to do the same,” Kurti said.

He said that the Government of Kosovo is ready for meetings in Brussels, but since the Serbian side refused, they are also interested in a permanent solution to the movement of citizens and called on the mayors of northern Kosovo to remove trucks from the roads, because they are the property of those municipalities.

Speaking about the demands that were heard regarding the dismissal of the Minister for Returns and Communities, Goran Rakić, who is also the president of the Serbian List, Kurti said that he was in contact with him.

“We have differences and I cannot complain about communication with him. As far as I am informed, I believe that he tried not to allow the situation to escalate,” Kurti said, adding that he had no intention of taking measures against Rakic.

Kurti called on citizens to hand in illegal license plates themselves, after the beginning of the application of reciprocity for temporary license plates for cars from Serbia.

He said that members of the special police units of Kosovo are there to provide members of the border police and border crossings.

On Monday, the Kosovo government introduced a measure of reciprocity with Serbia for the registration plates of vehicles from Serbia entering Kosovo.

From now on, cars with Serbian license plates will receive temporary license plates with the number of the Republic of Kosovo (RKS) upon entering Kosovo, as Serbia does with cars with RKS license plates.

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