US professor Daniel Serwer assessed today that the meeting between Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić and Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti (Albin) in Brussels represents a “positive signal” and added that their first conversation should not have been expected to be too effective.

“It’s commendable that it happened, but it’s not good that they need to talk about each other in a negative context. It doesn’t contribute to the outcome of what it will take to change that,” Server said in an interview with Voice of America VoA. ).

Server, a professor at Johns Hopkins University and an expert on the Balkans, said Vucic had made it clear that he was not ready to take bold steps such as recognizing Kosovo’s independence before the next presidential election in Serbia.

The expert, who expressed confidence that Serbia and Kosovo would reach a solution, assessed that “a lot of things need to happen before the actual solution of the dispute”.

“I do not expect that Belgrade will ever rule Kosovo again. There is no talk about that, but I think they can be friendly countries and I hope so. There is no sense in diplomatic or military conflicts,” Server said.

The expert said that some European Union countries were opposed to opening a new chapter in the process of Serbia’s accession to the Union, which shows that Serbia is not pursuing its European goals.

“(Serbia) is sliding in the direction of autocracy, because there is less and less free media, freedom for civil society and less commitment to dialogue with Kosovo,” Server said, adding that Serbia was interfering in the internal affairs of Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina in a negative context.

According to him, by harmonizing more and more with Russia in the military, and China in the economic sense, Serbia is trying to give more importance to itself.

“The West, however, believes that this is not a successful formula for joining the European Union. So I think that Serbia’s European goals are in doubt. President Vucic was elected in a campaign that guaranteed those goals, but it seems that the electorate is not interested in punishing him for “There is a lack of progress. They are happy that vaccines are available to them from Russia and China,” Server added.

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