Traffic jams on Dutch highways due to farmer protest: “Do not go on the road in the middle of the country”

More and more tractors are entering the highways in the Netherlands on Wednesday morning, causing traffic jams and delays. Farmers from all over the country are on their way early to the Stroe municipality, in the center of the country, to protest the government’s nitrogen plans.

It is especially busy in the south of the country, says the mobility organization ANWB. “In many places it is slow to drive because tractors are driving on the road,” said a spokesperson. On the A2 to Utrecht and on the A50 to Arnhem it is slow driving due to the farmers’ protest. The A16 from Breda to Rotterdam is also busy, as is the A27 from Breda to Utrecht.

The organization of the protest had just called for people not to drive on the national roads. Police announced Tuesday that they would take action against tractors on the highway.

As a precaution against traffic congestion, the police have closed the A12 at the Prins Clausplein junction to The Hague.

According to Rijkswaterstaat, a few hundred tractors are also driving on the A2 at the Ekkersweijer junction (near Eindhoven). A procession of 90 tractors left from Vlagtwedde around 5 a.m. A few hundred tractors are on their way from the Achterhoek, De Stentor reports.

Government organization Rijkswaterstaat advises road users to postpone their journey. This certainly applies to people in the center of the country. “We now expect that it will fill up quickly, especially in the middle of the country. Don’t go out on the road.”

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