The Russian Foreign Ministry threatened Washington with an “asymmetric response” to the non-admission of a special aircraft to the United States

Maria Zakharova commented on the refusal of the US authorities to allow a Russian plane into the country, which was supposed to pick up Russian diplomats and their families.

The official speaker of the Russian Foreign Ministry said that “the American side continues to systematically destroy bilateral relations, which are already in a deplorable state.”

“Washington marked another step hostile to our country by not issuing permission for the arrival in the United States of a special flight of Russian state aviation, which was supposed to take employees of Russian foreign agencies and their families home. The Biden Administration chose to completely ignore the fact that according to In essence, we are talking about a humanitarian action, since our plane was supposed to fly for those of our colleagues who were previously ordered by the State Department to leave the United States by the end of this month,” Zakharova said on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Maria Zakharova promised that “the defiant behavior of the American authorities” would not go unanswered. “As we previously warned, in case of refusal to admit the Russian special aircraft, countermeasures will inevitably follow, including of an asymmetric nature, which we will notify in due course through diplomatic channels,” Zakharova said.

By Editor