An Australian court today (Thursday) ruled that former Orthodox school principal Malka Leifer should be charged with 70 counts of sexually assaulting three complainants. The 55.year.old Leifer pleaded guilty to the charges against her in a Melbourne court hearing.

Originally, there were 74 charges against her, including rape and indecent assault, but during the hearing, four charges were dropped by the prosecution, after it became clear that these were incidents that allegedly took place in Israel. The charges against her relate to sisters Dassie Ehrlich, Nicole Meyer and Eli Sapper, while Leifer served as principal of the school in Melbourne, from 2004.2006.

Judge Johanna Metcalfe considered the evidence presented by the nurses in court sufficient for her conviction. The next hearing in her case is expected to take place on October 21, in the Victoria District Court.

During the hearing, Ehrlich’s ex.husband, Joshua, testified that in 2008, his ex.wife made a call to her sister, Nicole Meyer, during which she sounded frightened. In his testimony, he claimed to have heard his wife tell in panic about an incident that happened to her with Leifer.

“Dassie sounded concerned about the course of events, and feared that the case would move on,” the ex.husband testified. He claimed that Dassie had tried to persuade the social worker, with whom she had met after the incident, not to do anything about it.

Magen, which accompanies the victims, said: “We welcome the justice systems in Australia that have not taken time, and have determined that there is evidentiary infrastructure in the Malka Leifer case. We stand by the brave complainants who refused to give up and fought for many years. And there will be an end to this difficult affair. “

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