The City Board of the People’s Party Belgrade announced today that it is necessary to abolish the Public Company “Infostan”, stating that it is abusing the competence of unified bill collection to the detriment of citizens and the economy, and the latest example is “scandalous robbery over garbage collection”.

As it was announced, the president of the Committee for Economy of the Belgrade committee of the People’s Party, Borislav Borović, stated that conceived in this way, “Infostan” is “a corrupt administrative mastodon from which it has no benefit or use value for utility users”.

“(Infostan) has pads such as sending invoices without a legal basis in order to later burden the executors of non.payment of such imposed obligations on the citizens and the economy,” Borovic said.

He added that the economy and citizens were waiting for new services and “outrageously higher prices of those services” on the August bills of “Infostan” without announcement and explanation, which, as he pointed out, is a tribute without a basis in the law with prices that “have no equivalent in services provided “.

“The current item of services ‘garbage collection’ is divided into two ‘collection and transport of municipal waste’ and ‘disposal of municipal waste’. The former is still paid to the company ‘Gradska čistoća’, and the latter goes to the account of the company ‘Beo čista energija’ owned by “the French company ‘Suez’, the Japanese conglomerate ‘Itochu’ and the fund ‘Marguerite’ from Luxembourg”, stated Borović.

According to him, the users of the services of “Gradske čistoće” have so far had contracts with that company with precise parameters of price formation based on the zone, area and price per cubic meter of garbage.

“Now the phantom ‘Beo čista energija’ is appearing and charging for services, without having any contractual relationship with 700,000 households or about 17,000 legal entities in Belgrade. Now they pay 5.6 dinars per cubic meter of garbage to the City through citizens through Infostan purity ‘, and one dinar to the company’ Beo čista energija ‘”, said Borović.

As he pointed out, the real massacre is aimed at legal entities in Belgrade, which are exposed to the “new racket”, since they are obliged to, in addition to the regular bills they have paid to Gradski čistoća, pay at least 4.16 dinars per cubic meter of garbage, as the price increases depending on the tariff group or zone in which they operate.

“That means that their expenses will increase by several tens of thousands of dinars a month,” Borović concluded.

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