Today, the Court of Appeals in Belgrade revoked the owner of the agricultural estate “Jovanjica”, Predrag Koluvija, who is accused of growing marijuana, and ordered his house arrest with a nanogica.

As the spokesperson of the Court of Appeals, Mirjana Piljić, confirmed to the Beta agency, the decision of the Special Department of the High Court in Belgrade (Special Court) was changed after the appeal of Koluvija’s defense attorneys.

The same decision was made in the case of Vule Bojović, while the Court of Appeals today upheld an earlier decision of the Special Court terminating the custody of Vladan Živojinović.

Koluvija, the majority owner of the company “Jovanjica”, was arrested in November 2019, and he is charged with being the organizer of a criminal group that grew marijuana on the agricultural estate “Jovanjica” for further sale.

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