80 years after the Babi Yar massacre, Ukraine announced state memorial events for the event during the months of September and October and the construction of two new memorial structures. The buildings will be part of a museum complex located along Death Valley by the Holocaust Remembrance Center in Babi Yar.

The head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andre Yarmak said: “We are ashamed that 80 years after the horrific massacre, Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, does not have a museum commemorating the Holocaust.

Babi Yar is the largest mass grave in Europe. During two days in September 1941, the Nazis shot and killed almost all of Kiev’s Jews, 33,771 people, and during the entire war, about 100,000 victims, mostly Jews, were murdered and buried in Babi Yar.

Commemorative monuments in Babi Yar (Photo: Babi Yar Holocaust Remembrance Center BYHMC)
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