Iranian media reported that a fire broke out today (Sunday) in a research facility of the “Revolutionary Guards” army in Tehran, the capital of Iran. According to the report, three people were injured in the fire and the forces gained control of the fire. No further details were given about the incident.

On Friday, the military force issued a statement commemorating the anniversary of the Iran.Iraq war in which it called for the expulsion of American forces from the Middle East. In a statement, the military praised the war against the forces of then.Iraqi ruler Saddam Hussein between 1988 and 1980, claiming that the war had saved Iran.

“What Iran has achieved has helped build a resistance front that can grow with the will of Muslim people, expel America from the region and remove the Zionist regime’s cancer from the geography of Islam,” the statement said.

In recent years, a number of attacks on Iran’s nuclear facilities have been attributed to Israel, including damage to the Natanz uranium enrichment facility and the assassination of nuclear scientist Muhsin Fahrizadeh.

Uneth uranium enrichment facility (Photo: Reuters)

In his speech at the UN General Assembly tomorrow, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett will address the Iranian issue and the need to harness the international community against Iran.

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