Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced to 20 years in prison, previously convicted of sexual offenses

Ghislaine Maxwell, the accomplice of the late Jeffrey Epstein, was found guilty in December of five sexual offenses.

American the court has given Ghislaine Maxwellille A 20-year prison sentence, according to news agencies Reuters and Bloomberg, among others.

Judge Alison Nathan described Maxwell’s use as “Catalan and Beastly”. Nathan also mentioned that one of Maxwell’s victims was only 14 years old when Maxwell became friends with him. According to Nathan, Maxwell’s behavior deserves a “substantial” prison sentence.

“She normalizes sexual abuse,” Nathan said.

Maxwell was also fined $ 750,000 (approximately € 712,000).

The explanatory memorandum stated that young victims of crime had suffered ‘immeasurably’ from both Maxwell and the late accused of sexual offenses. Jeffrey Epstein in addition, the lawsuit has burdened the victims.

Nathan said he took into account Maxwell’s troublesome family circumstances in his sentence, such as the deaths of his “demanding” father and brother. Referring to Maxwell’s final statement in court, Nathan said Maxwell did not show responsibility for his crimes.

Prosecutor Damian Williamsin according to the verdict shows that no one is above the law and it is never too late to go to court.

British social journalist Maxwell was found guilty in December of five sexual offenses. She is Epstein’s spouse. Prosecutors demanded that Maxwell be sentenced to 30 years to a maximum of 55 years last Wednesday, according to Reuters.

The most serious the charge Maxwell was found guilty of trafficking in minors for sexual exploitation. Its maximum penalty is already 40 years in itself. The maximum penalties for other charges are five to ten years. The acts took place between 1994 and 2004.

Maxwell was found guilty of acts that were part of an epstein-run exploitation ring that reportedly involved dozens of underage girls.

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A drawing in a courtroom in New York depicts Ghislaine Maxwell last December, when she was found guilty of five sexual offenses.

The duo has also been linked, at least in terms of imagery, to many other public figures, such as the British Prince Andrew’hun.

During the lawsuit, detailed information has emerged on how the ring has worked. Last year, for example, one witness, now a 40-year-old woman, said Maxwell lured her at the age of 14 to take advantage of Epstein. He said Maxwell was involved in exploitation situations several times.

In years 1991–2002 worked for Epstein Juan Alessin according to the testimony at the time, the name of this girl was on a long list, from which he ordered three times a day from Epstein a masseur, often at the behest of Maxwell. Prosecutor Lara Pomerantzin according to the massages were just a plot to get the young girls to touch Epstein.


Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein.


Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein.

Federal police arrested Maxwell in 2020 in a remote house in the state of New Hampshire, which he had purchased anonymously. Until then, he had been in the attention of the authorities, as the court ruled at an early stage in the legal proceedings that Maxwell’s risk of absconding was too great.

Epstein died in his prison cell in New York in 2019 while he waited for the trial to begin. The death of 66-year-old Epstein is considered suicide.

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