Report: A senior Revolutionary Guards official was secretly arrested on charges of spying for Israel

A senior Iranian general who was in charge of the Revolutionary Guards’ personal security unit was secretly arrested on suspicion of spying for Israel, the New York Times reported today (Wednesday). According to the report, the general’s arrest came about two months after several dozen employees of the Ministry of Defense’s missile development program were arrested on suspicion of leaking classified military information, including drawings from missile development programs, to Israel.

The newspaper also reported that the defense establishment claimed that part of Israel’s strategy was to expose internal failures in the Revolutionary Guards, thus creating an internal rift between the leaders and the Iranian defense and intelligence ministries. Senior officials in Tehran, on the other hand, admitted that the Israeli intelligence arms had infiltrated Iran’s security circles.

As you may recall, last week the head of the Revolutionary Guards’ intelligence was ousted, Hussein Tayeb. Preliminary reports of Tayeb’s removal have been published even earlier by unofficial sources in Iran. According to reports, the background for his dismissal is the failure of the wing at the head of which was to thwart the Mossad’s actions within Iran and to carry out attacks against Israelis on Turkish soil. At the same time, Iranian media reported that Tayeb survived an assassination attempt and was subsequently transferred to the hospital after being injured “in mysterious ways.”

Hussein Tayeb (Photo: No Credit)

Teib’s ouster was recognition by Tehran that tackling the threat from Israel required new leadership and a reset of strategies and protocols, according to Muhammad Ali Abtahi, a former Iranian vice president and reformist cleric who was ousted by conservatives in 2009. “The security breaches within Iran and the huge scale of Israel’s actions have really undermined our most powerful intelligence organization,” Abtahi said.

At the same time, the Iranian opposition website, Iran International, reported over the weekend that due to Tayeb’s dismissal, senior security officials announced that they were interested in a thorough cleansing of the organization that runs the Islamic Republic. According to the report, the commander of the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guards and the Minister of Intelligence are among Tayeb’s top opponents and have been waiting a long time for his removal.

After his failure, the two seized the opportunity and turned directly to Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, claiming that “the organization led by Tayeb failed to carry out its missions and did not adhere to its authority to thwart terrorist acts in Iran and harmed other security organizations in our country.” Other opponents of Taibeh in other security bodies in Iran have called for the purge of the Revolutionary Guards, the dismissal of many senior members of the organization and even the reduction of its powers.

A day later, it was reported that Ibrahim Jabari, the security chief of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, had resigned and was replaced by Mashrawi Peer. Jabari, who as mentioned commanded the Wali Amar unit responsible for the security of the supreme leader, will be appointed head of the Preventive Intelligence Division in the Revolutionary Guards. This, in place of Muhammad as Azmi was appointed head of the intelligence organization in the organization in place of Hussein Tayeb.

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