“The League is in total confusion, so we don’t get to 2023”, warns Conte

“I hope the League will clarify its ideas”, “with this majority and these problems it seems unlikely to reach 2023”: is the hope of M5s leader, Giuseppe Conte, who in an interview with La Stampa stated that “The League is in total confusion, it has an internal conflict that is very worrying” and the Morisi case “is a further element that adds to the chaos”. “These fibrillations can hurt the government,” warned the former prime minister.

“To the administrative with great energy”

As for the upcoming administrative session, Conte assured: “We have great energy ahead of this vote”, “we have strong political proposals in Naples, in Bologna with the Democratic Party, in Calabria and also in Rome”, where “Raggi started off with a difficult legacy, but the latest polls show it is on the rise“On the possible alliances for the ballot in Turin, Conte cut it short:” We run alone and we do not move votes like postal parcels. The Democratic Party has made its choice, take responsibility for it “.

The former premier anticipated that “after this electoral round” it will invite “party leaders to discuss” institutional reforms.

For Conte, the Draghi government “is working, but can do more”, for example “we have vaccines and we have the Green pass, it’s time to to open cinemas and theaters to 100%, it takes more courage“. The minimum wage” must be done “and the citizenship income,” we must improve it “, he added. ‘force the modification of humanitarian protection “.

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