The youth of the People’s Party announced today that the increase in the price of food in canteens for students who are “on a budget” by as much as 67 percent shows the state’s indifference towards students and young people.

“The price of meals in the canteen for budget students jumped from 2,160 dinars per month to 3,600 dinars. If food in the same percentage became more expensive for self-financing students, they would have to set aside 9,000 dinars per month for food in canteens,” the statement said.

As stated, tuition fees at many faculties have been increased by up to 30 percent and the prices of accommodation in student dormitories are also rising.

“In addition, food prices in stores are rising at a dizzying rate,” it was stated.

“If all that is taken into account, then it is not surprising that more young people are looking for an opportunity to live and study abroad, in countries that allow students from Serbia to study absolutely free of charge,” said the Youth of the People’s Party.

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