Gojkovic: Good and decisive steps to improve the environment for the safety of journalists

The Minister of Culture and Information of Serbia, Maja Gojković, assessed today that since the formation of the government’s Working Group for Security and Protection of Journalists, in 2020, “good and decisive steps” have been made to improve the environment for the safety of journalists.

At the meeting with the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Teresa Ribeiro, she stated that the Government of Serbia and the Ministry of Culture are “dedicatedly working” on strengthening the integrity of the journalistic profession and creating an environment conducive to freedom of expression and media freedom.

The Minister reminded that the SOS line for reporting threats and attacks on journalists was launched and the Platform for recording attacks and pressures on journalists was developed, and announced that after the formation of the new convocation of the Serbian Parliament and Government, work on amendments to the law on public information would be completed. .

The OSCE representative stated that the organization supports the efforts to implement the Media Strategy and Action Plan and assessed that it is necessary to have full awareness of the competent authorities on the importance of journalists’ security issues and that all threats to journalists, especially those sent online, be seriously considered.

Gojković and Ribeiro also discussed the importance of transparency of project co-financing of the media, as well as the openness of institutions to the media in the context of free access to information of public importance.

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