In the face of Iran’s delay in resuming nuclear talks, the West is seeking salvation in China. Senior US and EU officials have called on Beijing leaders to cut oil purchases from Iran – as part of efforts to put pressure on Tehran to return to Vienna’s nuclear talks.

In their estimation, Chinese entrepreneurs purchasing oil from Iran are helping to keep Iran’s economy “above water.” This is despite US sanctions, which are designed to block such acquisitions and prevent Iran from continuing to develop its nuclear program. Officials in Europe also say that China is not making an effort to pressure Iran to return to talks.

Meanwhile, France expressed sorrow and anger over the suspension of the investigation into the explosion at the port of Beirut in August last year. “The investigation is designed to find the truth and responsibility for the blast. Lebanese have a right to know,” a French Foreign Ministry spokesman said. According to reports and leaks, the investigation has so far led to the responsibility of the Hezbollah organization, which has stored explosives in the port for use in its operations. The suspension decision apparently came as an order from above, with the formation of the new government, in which Hezbollah has two ministers in a government defined as an “expert” government.

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