University, Mattarella asks that the training offer “has no limits”

“The breadth of the educational offer has no limits and reaches and allows everyone the possibility of university studies”: is the hope expressed by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, speaking at the inauguration of the academic year of the Milano.Bicocca University. This, he observed, “not only because our country has to increase the percentage of its graduates but also because the possibility offered to everyone to have access to university studies will allow our country to express talents which otherwise would remain unspoken, with serious damage to our country and to our entire society “.

Accept the changes

The Head of State urged “not to close oneself to narrow horizons, which hinder changes”. “The universe is in constant change, but not only the universe here too we are in constant change, but this is a reminder against those who presume that nothing changes, that everything remains immobile, rejecting any change, avoiding understanding that the world and its conditions, the coexistence of the world necessarily changes “, said Mattarella. “The changes must be accepted and carried out so as not to be overwhelmed in an unconscious way”, he added, “this suggests that those who reject a broad horizon pretend to close themselves in a narrow horizon”. “Of these changes, universities are a privileged place, for this reason universities, with the succession of time and the various generations of students, which change not only the human condition but the sensitivities, expectations and perspectives, the characters, for this reason the universities are the privileged places to face change and indicate its prospects, which must be governed for the common good “, he concluded.

The future of Bicocca

Rector Giovanna Iannantuoni explained that “the future of the University of Milano.Bicocca will be marked by sustainability, inclusiveness and innovation”. “The future is innovation and innovation is research”, he observed, “a country that invests in research is able to make the most of the great opportunity that comes from the resources of the NRP, we are facing an epochal challenge”.

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