At an event held during the holidays in the city of Botosani in Romania, a gold statue was erected in the image of the late Prof. Reuven Feuerstein, winner of the Israel Prize, President of the State and Nobel Peace Prize nominee, who founded an educational system named after him.

The municipality of Botosani decided to honor the local native, Prof. Feuerstein, for her contribution to the field of education, through the sculpture that was placed in the pedagogical high school in the city.

Reuven Feuerstein, 23, who fled Romania as a refugee in 1944, when threatened with immediate death, returned when the Israeli flag was hoisted in his hometown and a monument in his honor was launched to the sound of hope and the Romanian anthem.

The event was accompanied by congratulations from senior officials in Romania and around the world. Among them: the mayor of Botosani, Kusmin Andrei, Marichika Haimovic, one of the seniors in the transfer of the method of the professor in Romania, Nistor Bacia, a doctor of psychology from England, Dr. Otilia Tudor, the practitioner of the method in Romania ‘Yashi and his fibers teaching the method.

As mentioned, the guest of honor at the ceremony was the current president of the Feuerstein Institute, the son of the professor, Rabbi Dr. Raphael Feuerstein. Rabbi Dr. Feuerstein greeted with excitement: “Prof. Feuerstein to his hometown, from which he was forced to flee in the Holocaust, is another exciting thing for me.

The Feuerstein Institute, which operates in Israel and in 40 different countries around the world, is a center for education, treatment and international research, based on a unique method for identifying the human potential and learning ability of each one.

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