Research into the causes continues: man dies after falling into a deep hole in the ground – Panorama – Society

After a man fell into a deep hole and died while mowing the lawn in Bad Sulza (Weimarer Land) in Thuringia, the investigation into the cause continues. The aim is to clarify whether the hole may have been caused by a sudden sinkhole.

On Tuesday, among other things, a comparison with the maps and documents on old mining in the region and the geological condition of the subsoil should be made in order to draw conclusions about the possible cause, the Thuringian State Office for the Environment, Mining and Nature Conservation (TLUBN) informed on Monday evening . This also allows further action to be taken to secure the collapse site, it said.

The day before, a 62-year-old man who was mowing his lawn fell into a sudden hole in his garden. According to the police, his wife had looked for him and only found the lawn mower and the hole in the garden. Rescue workers were only able to get the man dead out of the hole, which was about six meters deep and one meter wide. Around the collapse site, a radius of a good 50 meters was cordoned off on Monday. (dpa)

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