NASA Director Bill Nelson has made it clear that there is no intention to change the name of future space telescope James Webb, named after a former director of the agency, even though it was alleged that Webb was involved in government discrimination against proud community workers.

The new telescope, due to be launched this coming December and considered the successor to the old Hubble Telescope, is considered one of the crown jewels of the US Space Agency. However, the project is controversial due to the decision to name it after Webb, who served as NASA’s director from 1961 to 1968.

Earlier this year, more than a thousand people signed a petition calling for a name change amid allegations that Webb was systematically discriminating against workers from the gay community in the administration, many of whom were even forced to resign. Following this, NASA opened an investigation to clarify the allegations, but no findings were found to prove the allegations.

Following this, the agency’s new director, former senator Bill Nelson, made it clear that the new telescope would continue to bear Webb’s name. “We have not found evidence at this stage that justifies the change of name of the James Webb Telescope,” Nelson, himself a former astronaut, told public radio.

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